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Our logo is the “BOOK” which is sacred and signifies Knowledge for entire humanity at all time to eternity. From the Book comes the word “IQRA”, which means Read.

“IQRAYS” word is synonymous with the different meanings. Read, Readers and further signifies my family tree:

  We Care "HE" Cures  
   R - RENA
     A - ATIF
          Y - YUSUF
                S - SABEENA

Hence the ideology and the concept have been initiated with “IQRAYS” as the corner stone. With this in view we have Iqrays Homes. Next is Iqrays Medical Centre, now established to cater for the health needs in this ever changing and progressing technological world. The use of communication technology the world has shrunk with access to Medical Care and needs at one’s finger tip. However the human factor remains the same. Next in line is Iqrays Foundation which in its infancy is at present helping those section of our people who are in need of healthcare, education, social obligations and are not able to afford it. The family of Iqrays is involved in this field of charity and help.

Iqrays Medical Centre provides as the stated in the leaflets and cards “Health Care with a Difference”, with different approach in Medical Management, “A Non-Invasive Technique”. The idea is to help patient help themselves with simple of approach such as detox of the body system and boost the natural body Immune system to help overcome the various disease patterns and alleviate suffering without having to undergo complicated procedures in the ever changing commercial world. The details of the approach has been explained in simple reading on the services section of the site with patient’s perspective.

We wish everyone to use the services that we offer. WE CARE AND “HE” WHO CURES.


Mr.Md Ibrahim
I am a diabetic and has heart problem. I had balloon angioplasty in 1995. Suffering from chest pain.
Iqrays Homes offer a holiday package for the family. Ideally located facing the Ooty Lake next to the famous boat house.